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Style 7701

Fiberglass Gasket Cloth

Fiberglass Gasket Cloth
This textile provides a viable alternative to wire inserted rubberized cloth.

As standard this style is supplied with a self sticking rubberized compound on both sides to facilitate lamination to achieve greater thickness.

A white non-staining, non-stick lubricant compatible with stainless steel or a Graphite coating one or two sides is available upon request.

Full rolls, part rolls, and sheets are available from stock.

Roll lengths vary and should be verified.

Sizes other than those shown are available upon request.

Woven Fiberglass yarn coated with a
rubberized compound on both sides
550oF/279oC constant
700oF/371oC intermittent
5 lbs. per linear yard
1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
Typical Roll Length
50 yds.
Self stick coating allows material to be laminated to achieve greater thickness. Available with white non-staining, non-stick lubricant compatible with stainless steel. Available graphite 1 or 2 sides.
Substitute for wire inserted rubberized cloth, super heat steam gaskets, flange and manifold gaskets for internal combustion engines, insulation jacketing for steam generators and turbines.
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