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Style 7453

Commercial Sponge-Medium-Firm Fabric Impression Finish

Open Cell Commercial Sponge Rubber-Medium-Firm
An open cell medium firm density sponge provides an excellent general purpose cushioning material. This material compresses within itself and has excellent recovery.

Full rolls, part rolls and sheets are available from stock. Available with optional pressure sensitive adhesive identified by adding suffix A to the style number.

Sizes other than those shown are available upon request.

This material is black in color with a fabric impression finish.

Medium firm
Color and Finish
Black, fabric impression
-40oF/-40oC to 160oF/71oC
Compression Set
After 50% deflection, 15% maximum
Compression Deflection
25% @ 10-15 PSI
ASTM D 1752-67 Type 1, ASTM D 1056-73
Mil-C-3133 STD 670A, Mil-R-6130 Type 1 GR 1, HH-F-341A
General industrial cushioning material with very good compression set and resistance to oxidation. Open cell construction allows material to breathe and compress within itself. Not resistant to oils or solvents.
Gauge 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1"
Width 36"
Roll Length 50 yds. 35 yds. 30 yds. 20 yds. 15 yds. 12 yds. 10 yds. 8 yds.
Tolerance ±5 yds. ±3 yds.
Note: STYLES 7451 soft and 7452 medium available.
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