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 Style 9760

Style 9760

Heavy-Duty Silicone Spray®
Protects, preserves and lubricates with a heavy-duty film that does not lose its effectiveness in temperature changes. Can be used on just about any surface or material. Won't melt, freeze or gum.  Used for heating sealing, release agent, protecting cartons and speeding production. Will not become rancid after exposure to air and heat. Active portion is considered less toxic than lard or glycerine. Silicone has a prior sanction under the Food Additives Amendment of the Food and Drug regulations. Can size, 11 oz., 12 per carton.

Container Size
11 oz. cans
Pint, non-pressurized cans
Gallon cans
5 gallon pail
55 gallon drum

"Spray"® is a registered trademark of the Spray Products Corporation.

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