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 Style 9750

Style 9750

Phelps Contact Cement
A red colored high performance Contact adhesive that provides a long bonding range and excellent initial strength. Ideal for plastic laminates, paper honeycomb, rubber, cloth, metal and wood. Meets requirements of Mil-A-1154C, Mil-A-21366 and MMM-A-121.

Ensure both surfaces are clean and dry. Apply coating to both surfaces and leave until tacky. Carefully align and firmly join both surfaces. Use roller or similar to apply even pressure on joined area. Heed safety precaution on label.
Temperature Limits
-20oF/-34oC to 200oF/93oC
Flash Point
Acetone, MEK. Can be reactivated by Tuluol.
Container Size
Pint cans
Quart cans
Gallon cans
5 gallon pails
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