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Style 9700

Style 9700 PTFE Thread Tape

PTFE Pipe Thread Tape
Phelps pipe thread tape is a pliable non-hardening sealant made from 100% pure virgin PTFE.

Ideal for sealing all types of threaded connections, a single wrap will usually seal and will withstand wide range of media pH 0-14 at high and low pressures.

Hold end of tape on thread. Wrap once around, stretching tape and overlap 1/2". Break tape and tamp down. Assemble joint in normal manner.
Wrapped onto spool and protected by snap on plastic shell.
.003/.0035 thick x 1/2" wide x 520" long
-400oF/-240oC to 500oF/260oC
Sealing all kinds of threaded connections. Including plastic, ceramic, glass and steel pipe.
Media Resistance
All acids and caustics including chemicals, aromatic fuels, steam, salt water, and gases. Caution: Should not be used on liquid oxygen. For nitric acid use, consult our technical sales dept.
Does not harden with age, ensuring easy separation after prolonged service. Prevents joint corrosion. Permanently self lubricating. Fast, clean and easy to install. No material wastage. Tape meets MIL-T-27730A.
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