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Style 9400

Style 9400 Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints
Elastomeric expansion joints are installed between pipe flanges to accommodate pressure loads, relieve movement stresses, counteract thermal expansion and contraction, reduce noise, isolate vibration and compensate pipe misalignment.

Major usage groups are:
Air conditioning, heating and ventilating systems
Central and ancillary power-generating stations
Industrial process piping
Sewage disposal and water treatment plants
Marine service

There are nearly 400 brands in use throughout North America; providing us answers to the questions listed will enable us to either cross reference or recommend a suitable replacement.

Are there any identifying marks on the old part?
What is passing through the pipe?
Lateral movement?
Compression and expansion movement?
Face to face dimension?
Bolt hole size and circle?
Flange I.D. and O.D.?
Are retaining rings required?

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