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Style 7505

novaphit SSTC Flexible Graphite Inserted With Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

novaphit SSTC consists of high quality, expanded graphite and an expanded metal insert made from acid-proof-stainless steel AISI 304 - 1.4404, mesh (3 mm wide).  Under high pressure the expanded graphite particles are compressed to films without adding any binders or fillers.  The expanded metal is then incorporated into the sealing materials. The special geometry of the expanded metal produces a three-dimensional-mechanical bond with excellent stress relaxation and recovery of the graphite.  novaphit SSTC has an excellent workability, outstanding thermal and mechanical loading capabilities and exceptional chemical resistance.

The purity of the graphite is at least 98%

Color Grey
DIN 28090-2 Density 1.35 ± 0.15 g/cm3
DIN 52910 Tensile Strength



>/= 15 N/mm2 

>/= 10 N/mm2

Thickness .020", .039", .059", .079"
Sheet Size 39.37" x 39.37"
DIN 52913 Stress Relaxation



45 N/mm2 

43 N/mm2




25% - 40% 

>/= 15%

DIN 28090-2

Compressibility @ Ambient Temperature

Recovery @ Ambient Temperature

Creep @ 572F/300C

Recovery@ 572F/300C

37% - 38% 


1% - 2%


DIN 3535

Permeability To Gas

</= 1 cm3/min
DIN 28090-2

Specific Leak Rate

.05 mg/s*m
ASTM F 164

Media Resistance @ 5h/302(150C)

ASTM Oil No. 3

Change in Weight

Change in Thickness

ASTM Fuel B @ 5h/73F (23C)

Change in Weight

Change in Thickness






Siemens AV 9-014 Chloride Content < 300 ppm
The best expanded graphite solution in high pressure and high temperature applications. Resistant to organic, inorganic acids, solvents, hot wax and oils.  Impermeable to gases and fluids, corrosion resistant, excellent for sealing high temperature valves, shafts, and flanges, high thermal conductivity. Exceptions are strong oxidizing compounds such as concentrated nitric acids, high concentrated sulphuric acids, chromium (VI) and permanganate solutions, chloric acid and molten alkaline and alkaline earth metals.

Available in 1 meter square sheets

Physical properties are based on a 2 mm thick sample.

As in all compressed sheets the P x T values decrease significantly as the thickness increases. Our maximum temperature, pressure and P x T values cannot be exceeded.

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