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Molded 'O' Rings Compounds
Standard 'O' Ring Compounds
A full range of quality 'O' rings are available in commercial and military specification material.
In addition to the American Standard AS series, non-standard requirements can be accommodated by either vulcanizing from close tolerance 'O' ring cord or choosing from a wide availability of metric sizes.
Standard Compounds
Compound Ref. Polymer Type ASTM Designation Typical Properties
PB70 Buna N, Nitrile BF, BG, BK, SB, SA, NBR -40oF/-40oC to 275oF/135o
General purpose compound. Excellent resistance to petroleum base lubricants, hydraulic oils, gasoline, fuel oil, alcohol, water, and L.P. gas.
PE70 Ethylene Propylene CA, R(s), EPDM, EPR -67oF/-55oC to 300oF/148oC
Animal and vegetable oils, oxygen, ozone, hot water, steam, mild acids, ester based fluids, alcohol.
PN70 Neoprene, Chloroprene BC, BE, SC, CR -50oF/-46oC to 275oF/135oC
'O'xygen, ozone, weather, chlorine, freon gas, carbon dioxide.
PV75 Viton®, Fluorocarbon HK, TB, FPM -30oF/-34oC to 425oF/218oC
Excellent high temperature resistance to animal and vegetable oils, acids, alkalis, fuel oil, gases, wide range of other fluids and chemicals.
PS70 Silicone FC, FE, GE, TA -80oF/-62oC to 450oF/232oC
Hot air, weather, oxygen, ozone, excellent for medical applications, moderate chemical resistance, various fluids.
PF70 Fluorosilicone FK, TA, TB, FVS -70oF/-57oC to 350oF/177oC
Combines excellent oil and chemical resistance with wide temperature range.
PTFE Polytetro Fluoroethylene PTFE, TFE -400oF/-205oC to 550oF/287oC
Excellent resistance to all chemicals and solvents. Very low coefficient of friction.
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