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Style 7551
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Cork and NBR/SBR Rubber

Cork and NBR/SBR Rubber
The addition of these rubber compounds provides Petroleum oil resistance to the vibration and noise damping qualities of the Cork, thus providing an economic yet versatile material.

NBR, Nitrile Rubber, is highly resistant to mineral and vegetable oils and is resistant to Petroleum Oils and Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
SBR, Styrene- Butadiene Rubber which provides abrasion, wear and tensile qualities

Full rolls, part rolls and sheets are available from stock.

Roll lengths vary and should be verified.

Sizes other than those shown are available upon request.
Durometer, Elastomer
Compression @ 400 PSI
80% minimum
ASTM F 146 Volume Change
Number ASTM #1 Oil, 70 hours @ 212oF  ±10%
Number IRM 103 Oil, 70 hours @ 212oF   +10% to +30%
Oils, Freon, anti-vibration, noise isolation.
Gauge 1/16" 1/8" 3/16" 1/4"
Width 42"
Typical Roll Length 500 ft. 225 ft. 140 ft. 100 ft.
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