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Compressed Gasket Sheet
Since our Corporation's beginning in 1945, compressed gasket sheet has been an integral part of our success story. 

Our ability to recognize and respond to our customers needs attracted and maintained gasket business from the Marine, Steel, Chemical, Utility, Paper and other processing industries.

We are a dominant force in our market with over 70 years of service. Today, each compressed sheet manufacturer has a list of sheets with a combination of different rubber binders and fibers in an attempt to fill the void one compressed gasket sheet has left. These sheets have failed as substitutes. Gasket sheet selection has become complicated.

Frenzelit and Phelps have the answer. While the U.S. compressed sheet market still struggles for the answer, Frenzelit has had it for years.

Today, all compressed sheet as you know it is obsolete. Having to look through a list of compressed sheets with different rubber binders and fibers is now history.

Phelps and Frenzelit's relationship has brought a revolutionary line of compressed gasket sheet to the U.S. Frenzelit's Nova Press Multi, a Compressed Graphite Composite sheet, has long dominated the compressed sheet market in Europe.

Frenzelit's next generation of compressed sheet has evolved into a revolutionary sheet that has the competitions' attention. Our "general service" sheet is rated 825oF and 1500 PSI. The unparalleled 75% graphite content gives this sheet performance characteristics far beyond any other general service compressed sheet available

Frenzelit manufacturers Compressed Sheet, Beater Addition, Textiles, Expansion Joints, Mill Board and other related products. Their sales are over $60 million a year and corporate headquarters are located in Bad Berneck, Germany. Frenzelit North America now manufacturers in the U.S.

Frenzelit North America has contracted Phelps to bring to the U.S. industrial market a revolutionary line of compressed sheet gasket sheet.

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