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Style 2000

Centerlock® braided from pure Graphite filament with each strand treatment with pure Graphite.

This construction creates the ultimate high speed, chemically inert, extreme temperature packing. The natural lubricity of the yarn is aided by the graphite treatment which makes a smooth surface and assists in heat dissipation particularly at start-up periods. The added Graphite also fills all voids within the body of the packing thus eliminating media seepage through the cross section. Suitable for nuclear applications.


Base Material
Pure Graphite



53500F/29540C subject to absence of oxidizing media
53500F/29540C totally oxidizing environment


Centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps, valves, high pressure Nuclear, air, water, sea water, brines, superheated steam, sludges, slurries, waste, petroleum oils, petroleum fuels, solvents, chemicals, agitators, dryers, mixers, blowers.

Addition of Graphite helps dissipate start-up heat. Only 18 parts per million of leachable chloride, far surpassing nuclear requirements.

Maximum Size
1 1/2"

Feet Per Pound
1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 9/16" 5/8" 11/16" 34" 7/8" 1"
198.99 89.00 41.45 26.25 19.53 14.37 10.67 8.45 5.96 * 4.14 3.04 2.33
*See special installation procedures with shipment.
This is manufactured to order.
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