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Style 1200, 1201

Style 1200
Slit Type

Style 1201
Machine Type

PTFE Envelopes

The use of PTFE envelopes provides maximum economy for sealing all acid and caustic media pH 0-14,
with most gasket material being able to be utilized as a filler gasket. Removal of our used PTFE
envelopes is easily accomplished due to the non-stick properties of PTFE. PTFE envelopes have a
temperature range of -120oF/-84oC to 500oF/260oC.

Style 1200, being more economic, is an ideally suited gasket for standard pipe flanges locating itself within
the bolt circle. Our inventory includes Style 1200 envelopes for standard flange sizes to 20".

Style 1201, although higher in cost, is machined to provide unobstructed media flow necessary in high
pressure, high flow applications.

These envelopes are available with or without filler gaskets. We have a wide variety of material available
to suit every application. If you have glass or ceramic lined pipe, we have a special filler available.

Both styles of envelopes are available in special sizes.

Filler Gaskets

These PTFE envelopes are available with the filler gasket material of your choice.  Select the filler gasket material that suits your application from our Gasket Material Section or call us 800 876 7325 for our recommendation.

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