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OEM and MRO Gaskets
OEM Gaskets
We have been fabricating and supplying gaskets to Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 45 years. Today we service manufacturers of instruments, strainers, compressors, computers, centrifugal pumps, sound control units, gearboxes, boilers, hand tools, cooling towers and the list goes on.

OEM gasket applications most often have very specific and stringent criteria. Usually drawings are supplied with exacting material, specifications and tolerances.


Die Cut
One Piece



Material Recommendations
Sometimes material recommendations are required. We collect application data such as temperature, pressure, media and its pH, flange size, configuration and finish, number of bolts, size, grade and location.

From this information we are able to determine the available gasket load. All the information is now used to make the correct material recommendation. With the material selection and the tolerances required we determine weather a laser or other type die is need.

It may be a molded or lathe cut part is required. Whatever the need, we get the job done.

 Handcut One Piece

MRO Gaskets
Maintenance Repair Orders are a large part of our gasket business. Whether it's a Power Plant, Food Processor, Steel Mill or Hotel Boiler Rooms that need standard flange or special gaskets fast, we deliver.

Often processing or manufacturing equipment needs a replacement gasket and quick. We have over 15,000 steel rule dies and have the tools and equipment to make them in our plant.

We die cut, mold, vulcanize, hand build and fabricate all types of compressed, elastomeric, fiber and textile materials. We respond to your immediate needs to keep your facility running. Find out why we are #1 in Baltimore.

Die Cut One Piece
Dies constructed in-plant of high grade steel permit almost any flat gasket to be die cut from sheet. Automatic presses facilitate precision high speed production with maximum economy.

 Die Cut One Piece


Die Cut Vulcanized

Large gaskets can be die cut segmented, then vulcanized into a one piece construction utilizing a matching polymer and a heat/pressure curing process (elastomeric material only).

 Die Cut Segments
Vulcanized One Piece

Die Cut Self Locking

Gaskets too large to be produced in one piece or uneconomic due to high cost of wasted material can be die cut into self locking sections. These sections are supplied separately, ready for assembly during installation.

 Die Cut
Self Locking

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