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Vulcanized Extrusions
Excepting the restriction of section bulk versus radius curve, there is no limit to the diameter of a vulcanized extruded part. 

Non-standard shapes are available subject to special tooling requirements, however over the years a wide range of popular extrusions have been standardized, and are available without incurring the tooling costs normally associated with custom designs.

Although to numerous to catalog, a few typical examples are:

"L" Shaped

"U" Shaped




"P" Shape

Tadpole Shape

Vulcanizing circular parts, or rectangular extrusions with corner joints, consist of bonding together pre-cut lengths of an extruded section employing a matching liquid elastomer. A combination of heat and pressure provides a very strong bond with similar physical properties to that of the rest of the section.

NOTE: Dimensions or drawings are required for estimating.

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