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OEM and MRO Gaskets
The diversity of commerce in the Baltimore trade area includes steel, paper and chemical industries, original equipment manufacturers, light and heavy manufacturing interests and the utilities. This, combined with one of the nation's major sea ports, contributes significantly to our expertise and unequalled versatility in the manufacture and supply of every conceivable form of gasket. 

We employ a complete inventory of both computerized high speed and manual equipment, much of which has been especially developed by our own technicians. As a result, we are able to fabricate standard flange, MRO and precision OEM gaskets in high and low volume at competitive prices. 

Additionally, we provide an excellent specialty service, reserving a section of our facility for short run and hand built gaskets. 

Our capability for in plant tool production permits complete control over all aspects of quality and provides the scheduling flexibility so essential to critical delivery requirements. We are precise and on time. 

Gasket material is as diverse as the gaskets themselves. Our inventory includes the full spectrum of compressed, elastomeric and non-elastomeric material and is available to meet a wide range of military and industrial specifications. 

Standard Flange Gaskets
Standard flange gaskets are manufactured to be compatible with ANSI flanges in accordance with dimensional criteria shown in API Standards 601 and 605. 

Flanges are found extensively throughout most heavy manufacturing and process-ing processing industries, in particular, heavy usage is found in the new con-struction of sewage treatment plants, refineries, paper mills, etc. 

A wide range of tooling contributes to our total capability to supply all standard sizes in 125/150 lb., 250/300 lb., ring and full face styles. We are also fully tooled for a specialized range of full face gaskets specified by the Department of Defense for use by the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. 

Material capability is naturally varied and recommendations are dependent upon the application data. We inventory compressed graphite and red rubber standard gaskets as they are the primary materials used on standard flanges. Virtually all material shown in the Gasket Material Section can be supplied in standard flange configuration. 

Our continuously updated inventory of the more widely used sizes in both 1/16" and 1/8" thicknesses, provides excellent availability for new construction projects as well as minimizing delays in down time. Matching PTFE envelopes are also available from stock, adding the flexibility to cope with extremely harsh chemical applications. 

As a major manufacturer of standard and military flange gaskets, our high speed production methods enable us to supply very competitively priced gaskets in large or small quantities.

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